PongSat Program

What is a PongSat?

PongSat stands for ping-pong satellite and consists of any experiment that can be contained within a ping-pong ball. Projects range from things as simple as a marshmallow to programmed circuit boards. Almost all experiments are welcome, just make sure they adhere to all of the guidelines in order to ensure a safe flight. Also feel free to check out our introductory PongSat video featuring some of the Space Hub team!

Want to send us your experiment?

Our next balloon launches this Fall, but the sooner we have your PongSats, the better. Please fill out this form for instructions on how to get your experiment to space. If your school is already a part of the PongSat program, no need to fill out this form. Your teacher will have a specialized one for everyone in your class. Want your entire school to be involved with the PongSat Program? Here are some more details that can help make that happen.

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