About Us


Meryl: Co-Founder

In 2010, Meryl began the SpaceCats club with the help of her physics teacher. After several months of preparation and research, the club launched their first weather balloon in early 2012. Shortly thereafter, with the help of Beau, she created the nonprofit SpaceHub Southeast. Now a Senior in high school, Meryl is excited about involving new schools to the PongSat program and offering additional scholarship opportunities to students. When she isn’t working with SpaceHub, Meryl is a captain on Westminster’s softball team and an active member of Westminster’s Discovery Program.

Beau: Co-Founder, Lead Engineer

Beau joined  in 2011, and proved to be a valuable asset as a talented engineer. He played a crucial role in launching the program’s first balloon, and has helped guide SpaceHub Southeast’s growth over the last three years. Currently a Junior, Beau hopes to integrate Orbital Satellites into our program. In his spare time, Beau is also a star member of Westminster’s nationally ranked robotics.

John: Co-Founder, R&D

This is John’s second year with SpaceHub Southeast, making him the newest member of our team. In addition to helping Beau with payload design, John is responsible for our new partnership with Omnilink. With aspirations to become an astronaut, he  keeps us up to date and involved in the field of space exploration.

Nate: Co-Founder, Videographer

Nathaniel joined the  team in 2011 and  played a major role in launching our first balloon. Nathaniel contributes to the SpaceHub team by  editing raw aerial footage into videos we can share with our partners, sponsors and followers. He is also heavily involved in Westminster’s broadcasting program and a talented pole vaulter.

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